Award Winning and Life Saving First Aid Classes

As a family we would do anything to protect our children.
If a child had an accident or fell ill would you know what to do?
Daisy First Aid passionately believe that every family should have paediatric first aid training to help protect their children and potentially save their life.
Daisy First Aid provides family first aid training in the comfort of your own home or in designated venues throughout the UK.
Hosting a Daisy First Aid class at home means you can learn with friends and family in a relaxed environment, on a date and time that suits you. Babies are very welcome.

Daisy First Aid passionately believe that first aid should be taught in schools.
We provide fun interactive classes for children from 7-18 years old.
We even run classes just for the teachers too.
For those working in the childcare industry we provide Ofsted compliant paediatric first aid quailfications.

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