Find and join your nearest first aid course around the United Kingdom today

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      Being a parent is definitely one of the toughest jobs in the world. Raising young children is no easy feat, especially since these inherently curious toddlers are always at risk of bumps and bruises. What if these injuries are serious or even life-threatening – do you know what to do next?

      This is where first aid training comes in. By taking a paediatric first aid course, you’ll gain the right knowledge to recognise the symptoms of injuries or ailments and the skills to administer first aid to your child properly. Training for these situations can truly save your child’s life.

      Such matters are undoubtedly serious, but Daisy First Aid courses are not scary, we take the fear out of first aid and instead give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with the situation . Did you know that you can take first aid courses in a friendly and comfortable environment? We’ll even come to your home.

      This is exactly what Daisy First Aid offers: we provide fun and interactive training to parents, carers, teachers, and children across the UK. In just a few hours, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to deal with different accidents and illnesses in a relaxed setting. You’ll be hard-pressed to find light-hearted first aid courses in London and in other parts of the UK.

      Ready to start your training? Find the nearest venue for first aid courses in Birmingham or nearby areas. You can also contact us to schedule a class in your own home, or to gain more information on our training.